Piódão Village

Piódão is a small and dazzling village located on one side of the many valleys of Serra do Açor, in the district of Arganil.

aldeia do piódão turismo de natureza centro portugal

Piódão Village is known for its flawlessly preserved shale houses with windows and doors painted blue.

Surrounded by extremely scenic regions, Piódão differs from all the other villages in the region by the general outlook of the area, the arrangement of the streets and houses and also the warm and friendly way visitors are welcomed.

aldeia do piódão

When walking down the steep sidewalks of shale, we can observe crosses on the doorposts, they invoke St. Barbara protection against the weather. Whitewashed and with blue stripes, the Main Church, or Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, stands out in the scenario.

igreja matriz piódão o que visitar

Piódão offers a range of nature activities such as hiking through the trails surrounded by the great landscape, Geochaching, dives in the river beaches or watch the stars!

Be our guest and be ready to find out the typical and delicious cuisine of Serra da Estrela region.

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